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HQ Lacquer specialises in the renovation of prestige marques' woodwork to the highest possible standard for the classic car market. We can make your dashboard, door cappings, picnic tables, consoles and vanity mirrors look like the day they left the showroom forecourt.  For newer cars, our service ranges from the removal of scratches and scuffs from lacquered wood trim to a complete colour change, e.g. from walnut to piano black. Please fill out a contact form above for a quote or more information

Back in 1986 when HQ Lacquer first came on the scene, one of the first markets we targeted was that of specialist automotive interiors. John Hennessey had learned his trade at Hooper Coachbuilders and then worked at Rolls Royce (Mulliner ParkWard) in NW London.  With his skill and contacts, HQ Lacquer soon was restoring most of the Rolls Royce and Bentley woodwork in London.

Top of the range

HQ Lacquer was also asked to apply our polyester finish to the woodwork of all the prototype Bentley Continental GTs. When the Rolls Royce Phantom was introduced, we were involved with the finishing of the early Phantoms' woodwork, whilst the main contractor ramped up their production.